Judge Admits That The Court Is A Common Law Court – Are Freemen Correct?

Posted on the Above Top Secret Forum (This thread is a Must Read! Click on link to view the entire conversation about this.)

I have been doing some research for an upcoming case that I have (civil) so I went to the county court house with a simple question in mind and this is what happened in a nutshell.

I arrived at the county court house, went through the metal detector, and walked up to the information booth on the first floor and asked the very nice 79 year old volunteer the following question:

What type of court is this?

The volunteer looked at me like I was crazy, smiled and said “son, this is a court of law”

I told her, No, I mean if this court is a common law court or an admiralty court or a court of contract.

The volunteer’s eyes glazed over, said she did not know and told me that the judge’s chambers and bosses resided on the 11th floor.

So off I went to the 11th floor and walked in where I met yet another very nice lady who seemed genuinely eager to help me, after telling me that she could not give me any legal “advice” I told her that I just needed to know what type of court this is in order to mount an intelligent defense.

She let out a sight of relief and said the same thing as the volunteer downstairs: “This is a court of law, where we hear, criminal and civil cases”

I asked her if it was a court of common law, there would have to be an injured party who held a claim against me and that that party had to be a “living, breathing, human being” and not a corporation.

I also asked if it was a court of contract where the court would need my consent in order to proceed with any case against me, then I asked about admiralty law.

Her demeanor completely changed from super nice to plain bitchy!

She said that common law has not been used for “hundreds” of years, that it is now all handled via statues. That the court was not a court of contract because if a statue is broken the court would make the person who broke the statue “pay”.

While we were talking, in comes 2 policemen!

The conversation rapidly changed from “what type of court is this?” to ” why are you doing research on the courts inner working & do you HATE the US – Do YOU???”

I tried as best I could to explain to the officers that I was simply trying to find out what court it was so I can mount an intelligent defense for an up and coming case, that there was no need for violence, that the court is in fact hiding what type of court they are so they can enforce statues that are not laws, etc.

Then the argument began that statues are laws.

I told the officers that to the best of my knowledge the State of Florida is a corporation, not a living, breathing person who can sue.

That to the best of my knowledge, the court is a common law court where an injured party who holds a claim against me can sue / bring charges against me and lacking an injured party, the court had no jurisdiction over me.

The lady that was helping me screamed at me that COMMON LAW DOES NOT EXISTS!

Then asked me to get the “hell out her office”!!!

I smiled, said thank you for your time and started to walk out when I was stopped by one of the officers who asked me a ton of questions ranging from “give me your ID to where are you learning this wrong information from?”

(Which I respectfully declined to answer and was escorted out of the courthouse by our friendly police officers)

When I got home, I was so upset at the treatment that I received for simply asking a simple question that I decided to take them to task in the court room floor. (up & coming case) BUT it turns out that I will not be going in front of a REAL JUDGE but a “hearing officer” (still doing research on how to handle these fake judge that I and countless others have appeared before)

Now, the chief judge of Orange County, FL released a video to train jurors as to how their day will go.


At the 6:19 mark of this government instructional video the judge thanks the jurors for helping bring justice “in our common law court.”

All of that being said, have people who are using their freemen techniques been right all along?

Freemen went as far as arresting a judge yesterday because the judge refused to state if it was a common law court or if he was operating under his oath.

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