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Update on the Republic for the united States –  December 26, 2010

Common Law & Constitution Questions

Executive Summary – As the newly occupied republic takes hold and we are actually starting to go to common law and the constitution a lot of questions come up. I will address some of these questions here to get people thinking. Many of these questions have no definite answer at this time in that it will take some time for us to get there.

Seat of the Republic – Well where should it be? Should it be in Washington, D.C. or elsewhere? This is a question that remains to be answered. I expect there will be some interim offices at another location during the transition.

Consumer Financing – How is this going to work under common law. Cars are costly. People are in the habit of financing them. Under the fiat money system when an auto loan is created the resultant debt is treated as an asset and the bank can bank against this “asset”. Thus the bank can keep expanding their money supply by making more loans. If the loans are collateralized or not is not important. With a hard asset based currency a bank cannot keep expanding the money supply every time they make a loan and create a debt instrument. Debt is debt, a receivable perhaps but not an asset in the honorable sense of the word. So consumer lending may be curtailed. Banks will probably wish to loan against secured assets like farms, homes, cars and perhaps appliances. It is not easy to figure out how this will work. Clearly during the transition years as the wealth of the people gets restored there will be a need for consumer financing. Today if most Americans had to go and write a check for $30,000 to get a pickup or SUV, few of these cars would be sold. Perhaps the auto manufacturers will start a lending program and sell bonds to the public to fiance this. A possibility. I also feel that the credit bureau system will be historical. It is heavily slanted towards the people that pay for this system, the lenders. Consumers have an uphill struggle. The bureaus will not remove anything unless the entity that reports to the bureau tells them to. This is to insulate themselves from lawsuits and of course is error. If they carry it in the report they can create damages and thus are liable under common law. The fact that social security numbers will not be used is another factor that will hurt them. Then comes permission. They will need to get permission from the people before they can distribute personal information about them invading their privacy and opening them up to identity theft, stalking, fraud and other things. In a word I think the credit bureaus will be gone. People will provide personal references, business references, bank references etc to get evaluated for a loan. All of this info should stay private. The credit bureaus try and convict people solely on the say so of the entity reporting to the credit bureau. This is not proper.

Trusts – In brief a trust is a concept where the trust is created to hold or contain assets. The trust has several components. One is the trustee who puts the assets into the trust or who is trusting the other entity called the trust or to handle the assets of the trusts. Sometimes a trust has a protector. This is a person who approves every trust transaction to make sure the trust is operating in the best interests of the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries are those who benefit from the trust. A trust has no owners and no share certificates. This is a very superficial overview. The USA has the concept of a “pure trust”. Ok so if people start putting their assets into a trust what happens when the de jure common law courts issue a decision that one person owes another person money? How does collection happen?The assets of the trust belong to the trust. The beneficiaries of the trust are usually not listed anywhere publicly. Trusts can own real estate, cars, bank accounts, etc. This is going to be an interesting challenge for the courts. If the assets were inserted into the trust prior to the events which caused the court decision then one cannot argue that the assets were conveyed to the trust to avoid paying the creditor. We are not going to go to debtors prison. This is going to be challenging. Many sovereigns understand trusts now and this knowledge will soon grow big time. This will be interesting for sure.

Verbal, Threats and Common Law – Let us say a person threatens you with death. Hey if you don’t move your business away from mine I will kill you. I was in business before you opened up here. The de facto considers this nothing and not actionable as a criminal matter. If such a death threat can be documented is it a crime? It causes harm and damage in the form of stress and worry. If the threatened person believes such a threat to be true and the threat was documented by witnesses, was put in writing, lawfully recorded etc. can this be considered to be a threat to the victims life? Can that victim act in self defense even though the threat was verbal only at this point. If the victim feels the person making the threat will in fact carry it out does he or she have to give the assailant the time to carry out the threat? Could they act in self defense on the spot as soon as they received the death threat if they in fact did consider the threat real and were fearful of their life? This is an interesting point to ponder. The ways of the de facto are going to be null and void and we will need to be moving through what is to our generations unchartered waters. In the law books are no cases concerning threats and stalking via the internet, telephone, texting etc. I expect this matter would end with the death threat being an offense exposing the one making the threat to civil and criminal damages. Killing the person on the spot at the time of the threat is a bit much.

Traffic Enforcement – There will need to be some sort of enforcement out there to protect “we the people” from jerks. What if a person is weaving through the traffic on a freeway in a corvette at a 145 miles per hour. This is clearly presenting a life threatening hazard to others and law enforcement should act in some way to save life, limb and property. How to do this is a good question. There is no victim – yet. What about a truck so overloaded it could probably never stop? It is a threat to others but there has not been any damage yet. What about a person driving while quite intoxicated and thus impaired? For the safety and protection of the public there needs to be some sort of traffic enforcement. I would expect this will be restricted to activities that would be considered by a reasonable person to be imposing a risk of serious damage to others using the same public roads. Does law enforcement just stop them and talk to them? Does it get worse like they go on into custody on the spot to appear before a court and jury? We will need to find our way through all of this. The monetary traffic ticket system is extremely flawed as a workable common law solution.

Hunting – The sales of tags and licenses for game is a revenue raising farce, selling you the animals. It also serves to stop people from wiping out the animal population. So how do we manage game to prevent them from being wiped out by too many greedy hunters? We can’t make hunting against the law. Good question. Of course the same question applies to fishing.

Prisons – Do we stay with the prison system as is? Gosh I think not. The warehouse system is awful. It is costly, makes the inmates crazy, trains them to be career criminals and preserves their dignity as criminals. I think criminals should be made to repay their flesh and blood victims (the government is not a victim) as per the bible. Perhaps this involves living in a work camp and getting realistic wages after costs of living there are deducted. This money would go to the victim. This would humiliate the criminals in a humane way. What to do with the worst offenders – career criminals is a good question. The prison system is very expensive to run. Another solution needs to be arrived at that is more effective and at the same time humane.

Update on the Republic for the united States  –  December 25, 2010

Executive Summary – We have been hearing of rumors regarding Tim Turner and the Republic. Unfounded. Tim appeared on a talk show two days ago to dispel the rumors that he was in jail. Others from the Republic also appeared as well. The rumors are flying around. There is no other movement in place that is even close to being viable. Some are starting movements but they are far away from being anything viable for the country. Tim has reassured us repeatedly the funding is there waiting. The rumor makers do not have access to the funding. I think the bottom line is to keep your eyes and the republic only. Don’t try to waste time and analyze why these people are spreading rumors. Now some do not spread rumors, they were just offended about something that happened in RAP or someplace along the line and are upset about it. This is not a good reason to stay with the de facto for another year while maybe another movement starts up. Then what if the other movement does something offensive? See what I mean.

The idea is to push the Republic through to it’s fullness. One has to bear in mind that the office holders in the Republic are there for six months only. A very short period of time. It seems to me that time is short regarding the de facto. They are molesting men, women and children at the airports. These practices are not making us any safer. They are going to turn your medical coverage into death counseling. Wait a few brief months and see what Obamacare really is about. They are watering down the money supply risking hyperinflation. World affairs are in disarray. There is an active war in Iraq (still have 50,000 troops there). There is an active war in Afghanistan. There is fighting Pakistan. We are close to a war with North Korea. The middle east is a mess with Iran threatening to bring on a world war. The banks are failing. The FDIC is overloaded with claims. There are over 42 million people on food stamps. The cities, counties and states are broke. They are laying off police and fire departments. People are being foreclosed. There are tent cities popping up. The government is stopping people have having small gardens and hobbyist farms in an attempt to raise food prices and choke us that way. The government is already starting to control the water supplies. They poisoned the gulf water in the summer. Russia and China are no longer using the USD in commerce between the two nations. Soon in 2011 you will see this with countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Iran and others who do not like the USA. Well we could keep going but the point is that time is short with the de facto. Who would have ever thought they would do the TSA molesting thing at the airport a year or two ago. If they manage to survive another year who knows what atrocities they will come up with. So time is short. There is no other movement around. When you vote against the republic by default you are voting to keep the de facto around longer.

What Next – We are waiting for the Republic to send press releases out to city, county and state law enforcement informing them of the republic and state republics. This will include mention of the de jure ID cards being issued. This will take things to a new level. We thought this would happen before Christmas but guess not. We await this event.

De Jure County Grand Juries – There is a real need to have more of these in more and more counties. Everyone needs to get busy if you want remedy.

Spread the Word – Tell people about the website:

Encourage them to sign up.

Update on the Republic for the united States –  December 20, 2010

Executive Summary – We are getting more and more information every week and it is all good.

De Facto Negotiations – Pres. Turner has been negotiating with the de facto. They are fully aware of the Republic and its progress. Pres. Turner made them a godly offer of forgiveness of all the past crimes but nothing past the cutoff point will be forgiven. In other words end the tyranny and go away and you can live in peace. The de facto was apparently fearful of answering for their crimes. Pres. Turner said they immediately wanted to know if the intent was to kill them. Shows you how their minds work. The negotiations have not yet been concluded. Pres. Turner did say the de facto had a plan to counter a movement to remove them by force and this could result in the death of millions. This should not surprise anyone. Their greed, selfishness and viciousness surpasses belief. In these areas they excel. They see “we the people” as stupid slaves, like Rome viewed their slaves. To the de facto this is like a slave uprising but Rome did not fare so well when that happened and a lot of them got killed in Rome. The French Revolution is another example. The lower economic class took over and put to death many of the royal family using the guillotine. The French also stormed the Bastille Prison and freed many of the political prisoners. If the de facto are negotiating they are fearful. They have made a mess of North America and Europe. They know the riots we are seeing in the EU with the strikes, fire bombs, destruction of property etc are nothing compared to what will happen in the USA shortly. It is common sense to know that the past ways will never continue for them. They pushed it way too far with the fiat money. Using a heavy hand on the people to intimidate them (think TSA) is not a wise move and is not doing much good, actually getting more and more media and other personalities and people mad at them. They are even dumb enough to use TSA on their own military who they treat so poorly to start with. Of course the mainstream media never presents workable solutions to any problem other than write letters and go vote for a democrat or republican.

Debt – Pres. Turner has been negotiating the payment of fed debts. He says something has to be done. We can’t just walk away and leave the foreigners holding the bag. He did say he is cutting a good deal.

Banking & Money – This is being worked on a lot. An asset backed currency is coming. It will probably use assets other than gold and silver. Think Real Estate, and other things. No not birth certificates <smile>.

Remedy – This is a big theme now. We are now ready to use and apply remedy. It is essential to have every state republic with a seated de jure grand jury to hear cases. Then we need American Rangers for enforcement. We will be seeing federal district courts shortly. Arizona has had 15 grand jury cases, stopped foreclosures etc. It is starting and being successful. A state grand jury can get a lot accomplished. Idea is to get relief from de facto corporate taxes, levies, liens, seizures, confiscations, foreclosures, repossessions of cars, seizures of bank accounts, incarceration for victimless crimes, etc. Let us not forget the political prisoners being held in the de facto corporation houses of detention that need to be set free. The de jure grand juries are the key to this. Remedy has arrived and we the people just need to get busy and start using. It is working.

Sovereign Republic ID – The ID’s are now available. To order them you must be in the Republic. Go here:

The law enforcement agencies on the city, county and state levels are going to be receiving notifications about the Republic ID and the seating of the legitimate Republic government in the next few days, before the end of the year 2010. This is of course going to take things to a new level regarding publicity. This should get some mainstream media splash unless they knuckle down and suppress it. Keeping it quiet will be hard. The de facto has been going around “educating” city, county and state law enforcement about sovereigns. We are being portrayed as crazy zealots that are heavily armed and will shoot law enforcement with little reason. Of course the city, county and state law enforcement officers are all working for a corporation and thus are nothing more than corporation security guards like Pinkertons, literally and they do not know this. The sheriffs badge is from an incorporated county and they think they are the sheriff. They are no more so the sheriff than a security guard working for a warehouse wearing a badge that says police, is the police. The federal police are in the same category by the way. In the immediate future these facts will begin to be released to the public. One of the best things you can do for the Republic right now is to start educating your friends, family and co-workers about the Republic. The holidays is a very opportune time to do so since the minds of the people is off of work. Bring people into the Republic. Don’t say oh they will think I am crazy, I’ll wait. That is the worst thing to do. Bring them in now. The republic really needs to have 3300 country grand juries to bring remedy to the nation and get the political prisoners out of jail. Get busy.

Financing – It appears that the financing is ready to go once all the pieces are in place. I think a grand jury for each state republic is sufficient. Go introduce as many people as you can to the Republic this holiday season.

Life Under Common Law in the Republic –  December 18, 2010

In the Republic we are going to operate under common law. None of us has ever lived through anything like this so it is all going to be new. This is of course a speculative or opinion article since all of us alive today are doing this for the first time.

Constitutional Law – This is the supreme law of the Republic. Everything legal will have to be consistent with the constitution. No state republic can pass a law that violates the constitution. The entire constitution is important but I will highlight a few points. Some of the key points are as follows:

Second Amendment – This means the Second Amendment will govern gun control and this is very liberal. The second amendment does not discriminate against certain classes of weapons like assault rifles, hi cap magazines, different barrel lengths, etc. I do not see the need to buy an ATF tax stamp to own silencers, full auto guns, short barreled rifles or shotguns. I think perhaps one will need to show his sovereign ID to purchase a firearm but that will be about it. I doubt any registry will be kept and no government approval required other than sovereign ID.

Right to Travel – You have a right to travel. A driver license is not required for automobile or motorcycle travel. Possibly for commercial vehicles a license will be required. What about aircraft? Not sure yet but expect some license required for commercial craft but not for flying yourself around with your friends and family. This would be consistent with right to travel. Boats I see same thing. Any size boat used privately, no license. Licensure for commercially used water craft.

Freedom of Speech – I think one of the implications here is that internet “spam” will be allowed and no longer illegal. It is a restriction of free speech to make it illegal. I would add that it is most annoying and a large drain on the internet resources. The de facto did not like spam because it was a tool that could be used to assist politicians with little money get elected. This they did not like. Spam would also allow businesses to compete against the internet monopolies like Hotmail, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Ebay and Paypal. This is a cheap way for say a new auction site or search engine to promote itself. Maybe there needs to be a way for people to opt out of spam or a way to opt out of spam by category. There is a rule regarding the internet – if anything can be abused on the net, it will be and to the max. So spam can be good to dismantle the internet monopolies that the de facto is leaving us with, but it also awfully annoying and burdensome on the internet users. How this develops is going to be interesting. Right now it is very possible to block some spam. Most of it is sent by computers that have back doors. Perhaps someone will bring a legal action against MSN for building such junky software that always has a back door that can be exploited. Such a case will get them to tighten down the hatches and without these bot computers there would be no spam that is not blockable. We wait and see.

Secure against Unreasonable Search and Seizure – Police will not be able to just stop sovereign people and search them or their cars just because they want to. Search warrants will be needed. No more IRS agents seizing bank accounts, homes, cars etc.

Trial by Jury – This right shall not be taken away.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment – No more excessive bail, fines and insanely long sentences for victimless crimes.

Grand Juries – There are now de jure grand juries. These will be in every county, at the state level and one at the national level. The people will be able to bring a presentment to their grand jury without the cooperation of the prosecutor. They can also go through the prosecutor. Such a system keeps the government honest since “we the people” does not need a government representative to bring the case to the grand jury. The grand jury is also “we the people”. If there is a finding of wrongdoing then the case is referred to the courts and the prosecutor who files a case. If there is a no finding then it dies at the grand jury level with no further action taken.

The Federal District Courts – There will soon be de jure federal district courts in operation to try cases civil and criminal. They will be common law courts of record. No BAR card carrying people at all in them. Expect a fair and just experience in the de jure courts. If you hurt someone then there is going to be a price to pay.

The Large Corporations and Monopolies – I am unsure if there will be anti-trust laws but I think so. Many companies are operating in violation of the Sherman Anti Trust Act (1890) and the Robinson Patman Act of 1936. I do not know if the common law courts can use these laws. When passed the government was corrupted already (post 1860). I think they could serve a purpose in helping us bust up Walmart and other large conglomerates who push suppliers for sweet heart deals not available to the Mom and Pop businesses thus driving the little guy out of business. Without lobbyists available to the large conglomerates there is nothing to stop us from taking such action and dismantling these monopolies in short order. They are guilty big time of violating these acts. Perhaps we need to pass new acts modeled on these? The monopolies need to go. They prefer to buy cheap foreign sweat shop goods. We need to buy American and that slogan needs to be all over the land right away. People need to be prodded to buy American. This is a good slogan.

Robinson -Patman Act – This is a part of the Clayton Act of 1914. It prohibits a seller from selling the same goods to different buyers at different prices. They also get generous refund return polices as well as longer times to pay for the goods. This is what helps Walmart, Amazon, Target, Sams Club, Price Mart, Books A Million and many others to stay in business and thrive at the expense of the little guy. It hurts the Ma and Pa business big time in that they cannot compete. The act was specifically aimed at stopping price discounts based on volume which favors the big guy. The act was designed to stop large grocery chains (think Walmart today) from driving small grocers out of business. Sound familiar.

Clayton Act – This made illegal four things: price discrimination, which is the sale of the same product to different buying entities at different price levels; tying and exclusivity contracts, which make the buyer stop buying from the seller’s competitors; the buying of stock in competing corporations by one dominant company and/or setting up interlocking directorates, where the same board of director members sit on the boards of the competition.

These practices are illegal when used to diminish free market competition or to grow a controlling monopoly. This act is something that could be enforced but would have to be dealing with interstate commerce for the national government to do so.

Sherman Act (1890) – This was a law that stopped one corporation from holding stock in another corporation. This was a way for them to control the market by controlling their competitors and thus raise prices (price fixing). What the corporations did was buy the stock of the other companies using trusts instead which had the same net effect – price fixing. The act sought to prevent the suppression of a free competitive market by those with a large amount of available capital.

What happens remains to be seen. I think the people in the Republic love the Ma and Pa businesses that made this country great. You just can’t beat a hard working husband and wife kitchen table business with low overhead and a lot of hard work. Nothing beats this, nothing. Talk to an old time business person and they will tell you that extending credit to such a business was always very low risk. These people almost never went out of business. If things got bad they cut back and worked harder. Expect an intelligent solution to this problem. I for one do not want to live in a Walmart nation. These people have bled the life and wealth out of America. Their business practices are deplorable and illegal under the de facto they thrived under. Enough is enough. I want to go to the local pharmacist whose family I know for the drug store and cosmetic items. I want to go to my friendly produce store for produce. I want to go to my local butcher for meat. I liked the local clothing store in the neighborhood for quality clothing that lasted. I want to go to the locally owned private restaurants for eating out. I liked dealing with the local neighborhood merchants who lived amongst you and had honor in commerce. The monopolies drove these people into oblivion. I want to see them come back.

Litigation – There are bound to be some people that are going to try frivolous litigation in the common law courts. They will have a rude awakening. What they try to do to the other party will happen in whole or in part to them. There will be penalties for bringing false charges civil or criminal against another. I believe the common law petit juries (regular trial court juries) will reward the false accusers with justified retribution. There is a time and place for litigation but this is not something to abuse. Some of the old BAR lawyers not having anything to do may try to bring the old ways into the new system. They will simply put be hitting a brick wall. The BAR carrying lawyers will no longer have a monopoly on representing people in the courts. Legal representation costs will drop big time as the competition opens up. You will also be able to represent yourself and be treated with respect by the de jure courts. Now the de facto courts wipe their feet on anyone representing themselves. Remember now the judges and prosecutors are BAR carrying monopolists. In our courts there will be no BAR carrying folks anywhere inside the system.

What Will Litigation Be Like in the Republic – Now the legal system in the de facto is designed to allow the lawyers to interfere with the other side getting a fair shake. There is suppression of evidence, prevention of discovery, prevention of taking witness depositions, subpoenas for evidence are suppressed and blocked and so forth. It is a battle of procedures to control the entry into evidence of things favoring one side. In the Republic courts these fights over discovery (evidence) will not be a big factor. If you can explain why you need to access the evidence it will be granted to you in most cases. This will put the rich and the poor on equal footing. Remember a Ma and Pa business has the same exact legal rights as AT&T, not one percent of difference.

Juries – Were you ever told in your church that is important to get on juries to protect the rights of your fellow countrymen? Probably not. They did tell you to vote however but your choices were either a democrat or a republican, big deal, same thing. I am telling you volunteer freely for jury duty at every level and teach your children to do so. Do not rule against the rich because they are rich or the poor because they are poor. Rule justly with equal weights and measures for all. This is a key to keep the Republic free. You must stay active in politics to preserve your freedom. Watch your elected officials carefully, very carefully.

Prisons – I do not know what we are going to do for prisons. Probably use the de facto ones which will be emptied out significantly. People that committed a crime without a living victim will be released. It would be hard to get sentenced to prison in the Republic, you would have to hurt someone. Spanking a three year old child playing with a lit stove is not going to count. Having a fist fight in a bar would do the trick. What about sentences, parole, probation, house arrest, work release etc? These are things that need to be worked through as we proceed. The de facto has quite an elaborate system set up, rotten to the core, but elaborate.

Right of Sovereigns and Foreign Powers – Now here you will see some changes.

Extradition – No sovereign will be extradited for a crime in another nation when that act is not considered to a crime in the Republic. This is called dual criminality. You could only be extradited for an offense that would be an offense of a criminal nature in both countries. Now this is just addressing the charges. If the charges meet the tests then there will be tests concerning the evidence. There will be basically a mini-trial held in a national de jure court to determine if there is sufficient evidence to extradite you. It would have to look like there is some serious probable cause. Then it would go to cruel and unusual punishment. If the jails of the requesting country were awful or the sentences dished out cruel then the matter may revert to you being tried in the Republic and sentenced in the Republic for the offense if found guilty. This would put quite a burden on the requesting country to actually put on a trial with the burden on proof on them in the republic. Expect to see little of this.

Interpol – This is something the Republic will probably modify its relationship with. Right now a foreign power (think dictatorship or unjust democracy) could put a hold request into the interpol system and a sovereign could be held and extradited to a foreign land when traveling abroad. Possibly they never ever set foot in that land. Possibly the charges are based on corruption, religious discrimination, sexual discrimination, etc. I think Interpol and the Republic are going to have a major change in the way things are done so as to not endanger sovereigns traveling. If other nations do not wish to respect our rights as sovereigns when traveling then the Republic can issue warnings about traveling to that nation. That should put an end to that sort of thing. Interpol is a tool of unjust police states. We are a powerful economic force to be reckoned with and if a country does not wish to respect our rights as sovereigns they can go fly a kite. God owns the world, not just the Republic by the way.

Privacy & Asset Protection – I think the Republic will return banking secrecy. I see no reason why we cannot have numbered bank accounts. I think the credit bureaus need to be reigned in. No credit bureau should be able to carry a file on anyone unless that person gives them written permission to do so. If a lender wants to make a condition of a loan the reporting to the credit bureau, then the sovereign can always choose another lender. Let the free market speak for itself. The pure trust should be enforceable in the de jure courts. No one owns a trust. It has protectors and beneficiaries only, no shares and no owners. With banking secrecy the republic can attract a lot of money into the banks from other countries that are under tyrannical democratic rule. This could get sensitive politically but can also bring a major influx of capital into our new banks.

Life in the Restored Republic & Making a Living –  December 17, 2010

Executive Summary – This is an opinion or speculative piece. It is our opinions as to how things may develop. Hopefully we are accurate. Since not a single one of us have ever lived under a Constitutional Common Law government we are winging it. Enjoy.

Health Care – We understand the leaders of the Republic to favor alternative health care – Yeah! We also understand them to consider licenses issued by governments to be a form of taxation. This means that many will be free to practice alternative health care without the need to be licensed as a health care provider. By this I mean they can diagnose and prescribe herbs, supplements and other alternative treatments like Frequency Medicine, Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, Laser Therapy, etc. Imagine a health food store. In the back is a practitioner. Can be a naturopath, herbalist etc. You visit the practitioner and they prescribe what to take. You then go to the front of the store and purchase it. Right now that would be a felony – practicing medicine without a license. Clinics can pop up using other forms of treatments as well requiring equipment. This will be a new dawn for alternative health care. For those of you that are knowledgeable many new opportunities will open up. Bear in mind that in the Republic you have liability for any damages you might cause to another.

Gun Business – I am assuming that the second amendment will reign over existing gun laws. I expect that gun sales will be like shoe sales. You pay and leave with the gun. I am further assumptive that devices that quiet down the noise from the gun enabling one to engage in target practice without wearing ear protection and bothering the neighbors will also be legal to buy. These are referred to as silencers. The restrictions on full auto weapons will also be lifted, I am assuming. This will open up a whole new aspect of the gun industry There will be a lot of demand to modify existing guns to fire in full auto. Silencers will also be unregulated and demand will increase. Then there will modifications of shotguns and rifles making them shorter in barrel length. Knowing gun owners there will be a rush to acquire such devices and modifications to existing firearms. You could expect business to be booming.

Law – The Republic will end the monopoly the lawyers have had through the BAR association. Anyone will be able to represent another in a de jure court of record. The judges will not be BAR members. If you really think you know what you are doing and have studied common law you can jump into the law business representing clients. The BAR lawyers are used to a system that is procedurally oriented. It is about procedures. How do I do this, request this, answer this, serve this, file this, etc. One just about needs to learn a new language to communicate with the de facto courts. This will not be the case. It will take some time to learn common law. I expect there will be people teaching courses in how to use the new common law courts. I do not think the soon to be ex BAR lawyers will have an upper hand over you. Actually I think they will be at a disadvantage. Their system is based on blocking the admission of evidence, fighting to enter evidence they want, and getting people to testify against themselves. They will be like a fish out of water in an honest common law court. The competition will drive the fees for representation down a lot and many ex BAR lawyers will just go away and do other things. The de facto rule has encouraged a litigious society and this should go away.

Alternative Energy – As previously suppressed inventions are released there will be a plethora of new cheap energy generating devices and inventions. This will open up a new industry. Competition amongst the various devices and inventions will be fierce as they all compete for market share. Definitely a high growth industry. The installation, servicing and repair of such devices will be a good industry as well. This one will be fun to watch. Want to get ready read a book about Nikola Tesla and his inventions.

Home Schooling – This cottage industry will explode. People will be looking for small home schools where they know what values their children are going to be taught. This is going to be a winning industry. I expect the government to strongly support small home schools.

Farming – Expect to see a lot of organic small farms and some not so small ones too. Farmers markets are going to boom big time. Like farming, well this era will be for you. People will become more and more aware of organic foods and crave them much more than before. This will be a boom industry and prices should also drop significantly thus propelling the industry to higher sales. If you are really knowledgeable consider teaching people how to start and run small farms. I expect there will be a lot of republic money available for small organic farms. If you are a marketing type, not a farmer then get busy and start a farmers market to support the farmers and make a living helping them.

Retail – There will be a push to promote Ma and Pa kitchen table businesses. The family that works hard together is hard to beat. They usually make it if the de facto is not out there doing all they can to bankrupt you. Don’t be afraid to be a retailer. Offer high quality goods with excellent customer service and you should have a winner on your hands. There will be a trend away from cheap made in foreign sweatshop goods. People will want quality goods that last and do what they are intended for and do it well. Expect to start seeing better quality control, longer warranties and much better customer support. People will start to trust their neighbors and buy from them. Honor will be restored amongst merchants. Buy American is the theme you will be seeing. Shorting Walmart stock can be a good idea.

Banking – Well this is going to change big time. I expect we may see the end of the credit bureaus as we know them. They are so evil I do not know how they could survive in a common law environment. They try to give almost everyone tarnished credit so the people can pay higher interest rates. They invade privacy big time. What will lending be based on without a credit bureau is a good question. Things will revert to back where they were 70 years ago. The banks will probably be state banks. Debt will not be considered to be an asset. Things will be different for sure. Will there be bank issued credit cards like we know them today? I doubt it.

Tourism – This should shoot up big time. Many people will like to visit the USA but are disgusted with the bad treatment they receive at the airport by the de facto thugs. This has been going on for almost ten years now. An end to the thuggery should increase tourism. I expect the crime rate to drop dramatically in the USA as police forces start to focus on criminals that harm victims versus citizens breaking statues with no victim. The lowering of our tax basis should serve to lower prices on consumer goods and this will further spike up tourism as we become known for being a shopping haven again. Tourism will again be booming. This opens up a whole world of business opportunities. Restaurants, hotels, rental cars, tours, tourist gift shops and so forth.

Government Drain – The fed is a massive drain on the pocketbooks of “we the people”. The republic needs to reduce these jobs safely and get these people working in productive jobs instead. This means we need to manufacture things, grow things, sell things etc. Government lending programs and other government incentives should get things moving very nicely and rapidly.You would be surprised at how much can be accomplished in a few months.

Military – The military needs to be treated better than what the de facto does for them. They need to be able to have nice homes, cars and provide for their family. They should be able to live full middle class lifestyles, not less. Now the military are basically the working poor especially if they have several children. I expect the military based overseas will be recalled to protect the republic only. The world policeman days will be over. This will improve the family lives the military has tremendously. I don’t expect to see the republic declaring war without congressional approval. I think a nation would really need to attack us for this to happen. I think the military could be downsized by a lot, perhaps more than 50% if all they had to do was protect the republic. Do bear in mind the republic includes Alaska and Hawaii. We have 13 air craft carrier groups now. A group is usually about ten ships that accompanies the aircraft carrier. I would think this could be reduced significantly. We also have a massive amount of aircraft (thousands of military aircraft) that could be reduced by a lot. All of this will cut the expenses of the republic. Just the fuel costs alone are staggering now. I look forward to a military that is respected and esteemed by the citizens of the republic. We want them to be able to hold their heads up high, after all they will be protecting us, not some stupid muslim dictatorship with oil that says first we will get the Saturday people then the Sunday people.

Summary – All of us are seeing this for the first time. It is real hard to predict what will happen precisely. I hope this is a decent overview of some things that proves to be accurate. Be encouraged and look forward to the changes. Remember elections will be held six months after the republic takes over. You can run for office and campaign for changes. Never ignore politics. This happened once and look what we got – the de facto. Also bear in mind that some will not like the republic. Their values are different. They can try to get control over the congress and do a constitutional change with the approval of three fourth of the states republics and bring back the ways of the de facto. This is no simple feat but possible. Never drop your guard. Never forget your new freedoms need to be protected and this is going to take work, getting involved and staying involved. Your enemies will be trying hard to destroy a Christian Republic because they detest these values and the way of life. There are many that profited from the de facto rule and liked the debauchery they were free to pursue, teach and ensnare children into. Many of them liked having a do nothing high paying government job. Many were comfortable being supported by the government on welfare and disability when they really are fully capable of working. Be prayerful and vigilant so as to not lose the republic again.

Update on the Republic for the united States –  December 16, 2010

Executive Summary – Well the information is flowing steady and heavy now as Pres. Turner said. The train has indeed pulled out from the station and is building up steam moving down the track. Many new things to talk about that were gleaned from talk shows. They will be addressed by topic. The website for the republic is as follows:

State Republics – There are still perhaps a handful of state republics still getting setup. Thirty six states were represented in Utah. President Turner is working hard to get this done. To get the funding and full international recognition we have to have all the pieces of the Republic in place, makes sense.

Banking – We are hearing about a new asset based money system. Yeah! We are hearing about a de jure Senate committee for Banking and Finance. It is going to be honorable. Imagine that! Problem is none of us ever lived under a constitutional government that the founding fathers envisioned and set up for us. We have to dig deep to find the ways to do things right.

Immigration Integration Committee – The Republic (Senate and House) are looking at laws to cover immigrants. We are told that things will be easier and better than what the de facto did. Specifics are lacking at this point. Rest assured free ride immigration with social benefits “we the people” pay for is off the table.

Flag and Seal – This is being worked on. Yeah! We can buy tee shirts, hats, jackets etc with the new flag we can be proud of.

Solidarity Act – This is to bring in State Republics that did not attend the Utah Convention.

Grand Juries – This is a real big point. There are about 3300 counties and they all need to have a de jure grand jury. The hope is within 30 to 60 days, seriously. We need the de jure grand juries to affect remedy. There are also going to be state grand juries. There is also a national grand jury. This one is to hear disputes concerning people who live in different state republics (interstate disputes) or concerning international disputes.

Remedy – What President Turner said is that we have remedy available to us now. The way it works is as follows. If the de facto courts bother you, you respond to them by making what is called a “Special Appearance”. At this appearance you identify yourself as a sovereign only, not one of theirs. You then ask to adjudicate the case to the de jure court. I think in their parlance you are making a verbal motion to adjudicate the case to the correct venue which would be a de jure court of record. Court of record means the court records the decisions which the de facto kangaroo courts generally do not do.

American Rangers – Nathan Peachy our Chief Justice told us the American Rangers are in process of being set up and the ID cards are starting to be distributed. This is a de jure law enforcement position. The Rangers will have had training with militia, military and I assume law enforcement as well. They are also setting up, training for rangers as well. The rangers must understand the constitution, common law and rights of a sovereign. Chief Justice Peachy said that if a judge in the de facto refuses to recognize our attempts at remedy to relocate cases to a de jure court, then the American Rangers can be called in. He went on to say if it takes 15 rangers to go see the judge that is fine. If the judge continues to resist and invoke his criminal reign of injustice on a sovereign, then that judge would be arrested by the rangers and brought into the de jure legal system. The judge would find himself a defendant in a criminal matter.

Use of New ID’s – A publicity campaign is going to start in days educating the various governments in the USA regarding sovereigns and the new ID cards. Right now the police have no idea what they are. They take an oath to support the constitution but probably at least 97% have no understanding of the constitution. This is going to rock the USA big time, about time. Christmas season is a great time to educate your friends and neighbors as to what the Republic is. Yuletide Sovereignty. There was a call to not abuse the new ID cards and behave recklessly like going around speeding. The traffic warrant is a two way street. You are stating that you will be held responsible for any damages to persons or property that you cause. Admittedly a speed limit sign is not a damaged party and the jurisdiction that owns the speed limit sign did not suffer any damages if you drove by the sign above the posted speed. The idea is to be respectful to the de facto in this transition stage and not go around wiping you feet on their ways. Their ways are soon to be history but do show respect until then. The traffic warrant also calls for damages to fall on anyone who violates your sovereign rights to free travel including money damages and incarceration. This applies to the badge carrying corporation security guards of the de facto at the incorporated city, county, state and federal corporate level. Sovereigns are reminded to not carry any sort of de facto id at this time. Do not walk on both sides of the street. Throw your heart, mind and body into the righteous form of governance – de jure common law. This is me talking now. I would assume if we are to not carry any de facto ID this includes carry concealed weapons licenses. I further assume we are going to be using the second amendment as our CCW licenses, ie just again rely on the sovereign ID. I can come to no other conclusions although this has not been discussed in any public forum yet to my knowledge. This is a sensitive subject for sure. If we were to carry a state issued CCW license then we would be again under the de facto. I cannot imagine the Republic disarming us so I come to the conclusion of relying on the republic ID in place of any gun license issued by the de facto. I am confident this is a subject that will be discussed shortly.

Government Issued Licenses – The Republic tends to see the issuance of these licenses as taxable events only. Perhaps the plumbers will form some sort of civil organization that offers certification of its members. This sort of thing was suggested. Remember you are liable for any damages you cause so be careful with this new found freedom. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, Mathew 7:12.

Compacts with Twenty Six Nations – Pres. Turner has said that compacts with 26 nations have been negotiated already. The Republic is in negotiations with the de facto now. The stolen funds for the republic will be released at the conclusion of the compact with the de facto and of course there will be no further interference with more funds destined for the republic. The de facto will soon be in full written recognition of the republic. For as long as the de facto corporation exists the de jure will be considered the superior form of government.

Passports – They have not yet been printed. The machinery is coming and the passports will be on the way.

Small Business Government Loans – President Turner is big on this. The key to our past economic greatness was our Mom and Pop businesses. America used to have pride in the goods it made. It was not a race to make it cheaper than the other guy (China). Businesses were honorable. Customer service complaints were taken seriously. This was when people behaved honorably. President Turner wants to make a lot of funds available to “we the people” to start small Mom and Pop businesses. Organic farming is a special interest the President has in seeing developed. Ladies and Gentlemen put on your thinking caps and start getting business plans developed. Expect to have to produce a make sense business plan and resume explaining why you are qualified. A cottage industry is going to be helping others prepare business plans for these loans.

Foreclosures – President Turner feels that the end of the foreclosure crisis will be the people just keep their mortgaged homes outright and the banks shut down. When the USSR failed the people wound up keeping their apartments that previously belonged to the state. Some of these were worth north of $50,000 and that was say 20 years ago. So this concept is not new. The de facto banks have to go. New banks will be in place.

Political Prisoners – There is a remedy to get them out of jail People in for drug offenses, tax offenses, money laundering, gun offenses, driving without a license, driving without insurance or with expired tags, possession of prohibited herbs and crops, etc where there is no flesh and blood damaged party are eligible for this remedy. Violating a statue without harming a person or property of a person is not grounds for incarceration under common law. The prison gets served with a writ of habeus corpus to present the incarcerated person to a de jure court physically. At that time a victim can come forth and testify in the de jure court. The government is not a victim normally. If a person stole from the petty cash drawer at a government office the government could be a victim. No victim, then no trial and the person goes free at that time. If the prison does not comply then the American Rangers pay them a visit and explain things nicely at first and then it could deteriorate into someone from the prison administration getting arrested and brought into a de jure court. Think of this as dual criminality. This is a term used in extradition matters across national borders. If a person is charged with a crime from one country while residing in another country, to effect an extradition the act must be a crime in both countries. A woman charged with a crime because her head was not religiously covered is not going to get her extradited from say Mexico where no such offense exists. The de facto is like another country. For one of our people to remain in a de facto jail the crime must also be a crime under common law. If the person is there for assault and rape, well then in jail he stays although I expect sentencing and inhumane prison conditions could be addressed in the de jure courts. Also the person may have been framed by the de facto and thus is innocent. Many new trials could result. If he is in jail for say failing to file tax returns then he goes free right off. We are all going to have to learn and watch as these proceedings progress. We are in unchartered waters since none of us ever lived in a true common law constitutional government. It would be nice if we could email the founding fathers and ask them questions but God did not set things up like that. However we can ask God for guidance and he is willing to help <smile>. God loves truth and justice, equal weights and measures and so forth. I think the de facto did nothing God liked, instead they did the opposite.

Transition Period – Believe it or not we are actually in the transition period. Many will not believe you today but give it a little time, precious little time actually. We must all be personal ambassadors to our friends, relatives, co workers etc to spread the good news that the shackles have been broken off of us. Patience explaining what has happened is necessary. The republic website is going to have some videos explaining things shortly which should help. People will be scared at first. When many of the slaves got set free after the civil war they did not know where to go and stayed around the plantation. This is only natural and normal. Some may miss the de facto.

Alaska Militia Leader Asks Court to Prove Its Authority Over Him

Executive Summary – Twenty six year old Schaeffer Cox facing misdemeanor charges has told the court that he will not attend any more hearings unless the court can prove their authority over him. Cox is right and the court cannot lawfully do so. The Fed, States, Cities and Counties all operate as corporations. They have authority over you if you concede to these non disclosed ascertains of their authority contained in Driver Licenses, Birth Certificates and other government documents. About 30 of Cox’s supporters were in the court room. Betcha they leave him alone. If not the militia may stand up to the de facto court and make them prove their authority which is something they cannot do and they know that. Interesting case worth following. Another sign of the end of the empire when their authority is challenged openly.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired of the Fed go here:

The Republic Marches On –  December 8, 2010

Executive Summary – Here is a website you will need to bookmark

Documents Ready – The Republic is now issuing three types of documents:

American National Identification Warrant, State Citizen Identification Warrant and a State Travel Warrant Card. There are also American Ranger ID cards but I have not seen these yet. You can go to the above page to see images of these ID cards. Suggest you go to the webpage and read about these cards. More news as it becomes available.

Update on the Republic for the united States – December 4, 2010

Executive Summary – We are going to give you some tidbits regarding the progress of the restored Republic occupying the vacated seats. This is coming from the latest phone in talk show mostly.


The Republic website:

American Rangers – This is new group that is being formed and trained. The ages for recruits are 18 to 62. If you are over 62 you can be affiliated with the Rangers in a supportive capacity. Training will be required but many Rangers already have had adequate training from their military experience. I expect a training waiver would be used. The American Rangers will be there to enforce decisions of the de jure federal district courts, not the de facto kangaroo courts out there now. This will be an enforcement arm of the restored Republic. Remember if you do not harm a flesh and blood victim financially or physically or commit treason, sedition, or smuggle goods you will not be running afoul of the law. This is an exciting development. Probably all of us have never experienced living in a country under real common law without corruption and a constitution.

Existing Federal Government Offices – The plan is to leave them in place. The heads of these departments will be changed to de jure Republic office holders. These people and agencies will be under a iron hand to understand they may not violate the constitutional rights of “we the people” and deviate from common law. To do so would result in immediate correction and possible termination or worse. These people have to understand that they work for “we the people” and things no longer happen the other way around. Retaining the vast number of federal employees will stabilize the economy during the transition period. I expect some of these ad doc federal law enforcement agencies they put together will be integrated into de jure agencies. These folks could be used to do things like enforce the immigration laws and get rid of dangerous illegals and close the border.

What if the De facto Fails Before Republic is Running Things – Well Pres. Turner said there would be an announcement on mainstream media explaining that things will be normal in about three to four days and everyone can go back to work then. There is funding available, most adequate funding. The US military would appear on TV to lend support to the Republic. In Latin America when there is an unexpected regime change many people experience no disruption or anything. In three to four days normalcy is restored in any case. Do not be afraid of this. The slight and I mean slight inconvenience is well worth getting rid of the thieves and lairs. If they want to jump ship do not despair. You do not need them, it is like getting rid of a disease.

Foreign Affairs – Pres. Turner said he has already been signing treaties with foreign powers as the true legitimate government. When Obama went to Indonesia the told Obama that he can leave because they are dealing with the real President Tim Turner). Reading between the lines we think that Indonesia knows that Obama is not qualified to be the Pres. Because he spent time there. They were only to happy to ignore the bum.

Military – Pres. Turner said he expects to have the troops onshore protecting the homeland which homeland security never did. The withdrawing of the military needs to be managed by the military not politicians for the safety of the troops. Pres. Turner went on to state that the troops deserve excellent benefits for what they do talking of nice cars, homes etc. The de facto treats the military very poorly. He went on to say that some treaties would need to be renegotiated. The Republic is not going to be the world policeman or anything like that. The military will protect us and that is it. The Eu is going to have a big problem but that is their problem not our problem.

De Jure grand Juries – There is a push to get these set up asap. They are needed in every county.

Personal Protection for the President – Pres. Turner did say that he is being protected by people from outside the fed and also from people in the corporation. Nice.

Funding – The problem is the de facto confiscates wires constantly. They are awful about this. Many of the wires they keep. It is up to them if they want to return the wires or not. Guilty until proven innocent. Pres. Turner is apparently working on a solution to prevent confiscation of wires by the de facto. This is in process. Apparently the funds are overseas now awaiting importation into the USA by wire or otherwise.

Declaration of Sovereign Intent Document Not Yet Released – This is coming shortly. I was told by one who saw the doc that when I see it I will understand why it is kept secret now. I was also told that I would like the document and be proud of it.

Christmas Present – Pres. Turner did not make any promises but indicated that he would like to give “we the people” a nice Christmas present which I assume means the Republic running things but this may be a bit premature. If we miss this for Christmas I do not think we will have a wait beyond a few more weeks at most judging form what I hear.


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