The White Knight Report on Disclosures – March 7, 2011

In The Year of Our Lord ~ March Seventh, Two Thousand Eleven ~ EXCLUSIVE REPORT ~ By The White Knights

Pinpointing the Corruption Causes in America

How to recover the nations lost money, and to expose and jail these KNOWN Corrupt Thieving Officials and the Bankers who have betrayed America and the whole world.  CIA / BUSH – their criminal complicity is about to be exposed to Congress. CIA Agents acting for Bush are to be named and shamed.

Whilst the Jekyll Island fix via the Fed, set up the mother of all Banking Rip Offs, even that was controlled until the Bush Sr and Greenspan era. Let the White Knights help expose them to you.

To first understand the sheer extent of corruption, blatant theft, and criminality perpetrated in America’s name, the costs personally to you, your business and your family, just study some of the many research files relating to the recorded history of the Bush family. Only then will you will begin to understand reality and how it impacts your family, and your life, on your watch. Question their business links to the Clintons and where so much of our nation’s stolen money has all gone. Organized Crime families pale in comparison faced with such Hegemony and Treason. Question first, and then wake up. We will name and shame them until the money is recovered and they are jailed. We will expose how they betray us all.

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