U.S.: World’s Record in Massive Human Rights Violations Among Major Industrialized Nations Combined With Resulting Series of Catastrophic Consequences

Defrauding America

While America’s politicians, media personnel, and political pundits repeatedly criticize other countries’ human rights violation, it ignores the massive violations of civil and constitutional rights, human rights, existing in the United States, carried out by people and groups in the government, and aided and abetted by media personnel cover-ups of media personnel. For instance:

  • Highest incarceration rate of any civilized country.
  • Practice of prosecutors to file false charges against known innocent people, often using known false evidence or perjured testimony obtained by rewarding the perjurer. In this way the prosecutors enhance their careers and compensation.
  • Government-provided attorneys often sabotaging their assigned clients so as to enhance their relationship with government prosecutors and judges.
  • Government personnel seizing property of innocent people, or people found incent, and using the property for their own benefit.
  • Routine prosecution of present and former government agents, or civilians, if they expose corruption in government. Examples:

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