Google, NSA and NASA Conspiring to Hide Coming “Extinction Level Event”

Before It’s News

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I am currently running an investigation on Google and NASA and Department of Homeland Security conspiring together to hide evidence that a brown dwarf with three moons is currently between Jupiter and Mars orbit ascending from the southern hemisphere of our solar system at 100,000 miles per hour or 2.4 million miles every day. The NASA tracking/orbit data for the Elenin Comet is a psy-op cover story for a brown dwarf 2.5 Jupiter mass sizes and powerful magnetic polarity that has been affecting Earth magnetic field, rotation and tilt since 2004. We have images of the brown dwarf with moons in tow here:

This is what Google is conspiring for you to never see.

This is what Google is willing to show you, while preparing to hide themselves in underground bunkers. The LEOnid ELEnin name connected to this comet (brown dwarf) is a New World Order code (link) for an Extinction-Level Event from a brown dwarf approaching from the Leo Constellation, which happens to be this very area of Google Sky that is blacked out. Do the math!

CLICK HERE to continue reading and to watch videos

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