Update – All US Ambassadors Called Back To Washington


We received the following thoughts on the widely-circulated story alleging ALL US Ambassadors were recalled to DC for a conference from a retired career member of the US Dept of State…

“Jeff – Whoever sent this to you is right on one point at least: It has never happened before.

When State has a Chiefs of Mission conference, it normally tends to do it on a regional basis. What I am reading in the story below is a conference of the chief officers of every diplomatic and consular post. They are not all Ambassadors, however.

Ambassadors have Embassies; Consuls General have Consulates General; and Consuls have Consulates. The goal of such a meeting, if it actually occurs, would be to brief all chief officers of our overseas posts simultaneously about some truly critical issue; so critical that something may be expected to happen in the area of any of those posts that affects the safety and security of the post and the people in it, along with the vital interests of the United States. The global overseas senior management cut would be ambassadors and consuls general. That is a plausible cut, even recognizing that in some countries we have more than one consul general ( 5 in Canada, 2 in Brazil as examples).

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