A Wake Up Call – The States Must Take Action Against the Lawless EPA

Lone Star Watchdog

The rolling blackouts are all an artificial scarcity created by the EPA carbon credits. It has been admitted by the ERCOT.  The EPA ordered them to do rolling blackouts to limit greenhouse gas emissions and telling Texans to freeze in the name of saving the earth that is a proven scientific fraud. These regulations are being implemented by the color of law when there is no Cap and Trade legislation passed to justify the new rules by the EPA.

The states most hardest hit like Texas over these rolling blackouts. It is time for the state legislators to act and the state governments do all it takes to protect its people from an lawless President and the arm of the EPA under his control. If that means using state police, the state guard and sheriff deputies to stand guard on these power plants or industries blocking the Federal Agencies any access.

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