Panama Law Update February 5, 2011

Paypal and the Republic – We heard on a call the other day that Paypal cut off the Republic. I want to say that this is fairly normal for Paypal. If any new account processes about $25,000 in a month or there about, they suspend the account and do an investigation. Often the account is never opened up again and frequently they freeze money belonging to the account. Paypal started out life as a nice company appealing to people looking for a payment solution for their Ebay auctions. Next Ebay bought them as well as a bank to process credit cards for Paypal. So Ebay is a Paypal company. Meg Whitman is the Ebay player who also ran for Governor of California recently. Whitman goes to the Bilderberg meetings. Many people dislike Paypal with extreme prejudice. Check out this website:

I expect the antis probably called Paypal and said all sorts of negative things about the Republic as well. These are ten year old cheap internet tricks to get a competitor to lose their Paypal account. The same tactics are employed with merchant accounts as well. What the antis didn’t figure out was that Paypal is a Bilderberg affiliated company and cut off the Republic. This actually lends credence to the Republic and for which it stands so they shot themselves in the foot here on this one.

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