You Must Listen to This Call (GET Team)

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I do not say this lightly. This call presents a most clear description about what is happening worldwide right now, and some of the key parts of history that has led us to this point. I do not personally know the name of the one providing this information, and I have not fact checked anything. But I feel that he is likely one of our “White Knights”.

This call is from an apparent insider whose understanding is shared in the call. It is one of the best descriptions of how the current world situation has developed that I have ever heard. And it’s only 112 minutes long.

As events are transpiring very rapidly, I felt that many of you would benefit from listening to this call.

It is a powerful history lesson, at the very least. If you want the real history, listen to this. I feel this is an excellent call. Only 2 people are talking. As I mentioned, I do not know who is “Contact 2″, but he has been there, and done that, and seen this. Again, I sense he is one of the “White Knights”, providing us the information we are needing at this time.

What’s it all about…

(If you would like to listen to the Conference Call with the GET Team which occurred on January 18th -prior to the audio in the following article)CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to continue

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