The White Hat Report #9 – Prison Time a Reality for Long Running Corruption


After several reports about Mitt Romney ‘s participation in the theft of Falcone’s funds, he has taken no action to correct, explain or come clean on the funds he stole or his criminal relationship with Bush, Sr.   How can an intellectually sharp Presidential Candidate  succumb to such arrogance … does he really believe with everything we know that Bush Sr. has the ability to manipulate our Judicial System, including the Supreme Court, for his own benefit?  Does Bush Sr. have that depth of control?  At what point did we allow a former President to have manipulative control that compromises the American Judicial System?  Are the American people going to allow the likes of a Mitt Romney, a co-political fraudster, to be allowed to secure the office of President of the United States of America?  How is it that “We The People” could ever allow our reputations in the international community to be compromised to this extent?  The reality is that fifty (50%) percent of the stolen funds are currently held in bank accounts in Asia and the Isle of Man, with the balance at the Vatican Bank.   Notwithstanding, we continue to deliver the accounts, information and balances to the appropriate authorities.

As we disclosed in previous reports, Joe Biden was bribed with $200 million dollars by Hillary Clinton, under the direction of George Bush Sr.   Joe Biden in November 2010 moved $100 Million Dollars from the Bank of Santander, Spain into the Vatican Bank and is currently moving his funds out of the Vatican Bank.  We are now tracking Bill and Hillary Clinton’s funds.  They have received $400 million from Falcone’s stolen funds, which are in direct high yield bank trading from HSBC, Barclays Bank and Deutsche Bank.  These stolen funds are currently in accounts located at Deutsche Bank and the Vatican Bank.   Watch out for the mass exit of multiple other Senior Government Officials funds from the Vatican Bank.   They will not get away as investigations will continue and these funds will be monitored.  We will keep you posted as names and details become available.  The particulars of this evidence will be delivered to the proper authorities and Congress to eliminate and punish this corruption.

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