Republic of the united States – Update 1/19/11

Panama Law

Where Are We? – I was just told that the postponed notification letters to Law Enforcement agencies, all 5500, will be going out by the end of this week. There was some delay. I expect the amount of data and work is overwhelming. The notification letter has been written and will be going out this week. We see this as a milestone because the Republic will be officially interacting in lawful process with the de facto government. The next big event will be a meeting of the National Grand Jury. They will hear representative cases on IRS issues (liens, levies, seizures, confiscations), mortgage foreclosures, I believe Chemtrails and something else is scheduled. The national grand jury will hear the cases and probably return a finding. This kicks the matter to the Federal Supreme Court which currently has no back log <smile>. The de facto agency directors and the agency will be served with lawful de jure process and notified to appear at the de jure Supreme Court. Our Supreme Court will not look like a temple (parthenon) built in honor of some false God. This is a case they cannot possibly win so we doubt they will appear. I expect they will not respond at all. Then the Supreme Court (De Jure) will make an official decision. This will most likely result in orders being generated to the Military for enforcement as coming from the only lawful government in the land. The orders will be designed to end the injustices against “we the people”. There are two Supreme Court Cases that state that a de facto (in fact) government can only function in the absence of the de jure (lawful) government. If the de jure government exists (we do exist) it trumps the de facto out of position as the lawful government. This is now the case. The deceivers probably figured we would never figure out what they did and effect the correction. I always say they are not smart but they are vicious and accomplished liars. In fact if you are not an accomplished liar you cannot function in the de facto government. IN the next week or so things will begin to get real interesting. As said previously we will go to daily updates and even three times a day updates when things gets moving fast. When it gets busy we may need to resort to audio updates but they will be found in the same section on our website..

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