The Entire Gold Paper Scheme Will Go Down Like a Controlled Demolition

SGTbull07’s most recent micro-documentary details the recent news that the CFTC has allowed large banks like JP Morgan to make bets in the gold and silver paper markets without limits. Eventually, that paper Ponzi, like all which have come before it, will collapse quickly and without warning:

The continued manipulation of silver (and gold) has been brought to light by numerous sources, including GATA as well as independent whistle blowers. For most, gold and silver are simply another asset class. In reality, however, these precious metals are, as noted in the micro-doc, the historical ballasts that have kept currencies honest – until, that is, the gold standard was eliminated in 1971. Regardless of the manipulations and media talking points, when the SHTF it will be these precious metals (and possibly other commodities like oil) that governments will turn to as a way to value their currencies. Those who have the gold will have at least some value in their currency systems, while those without gold will become worthless.

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