Napolitano ‘Committed Criminal Conspiracy’ With Judge John Roll Who Was Slain Today

Janet Napolitano was alleged as “aiding and abetting” John Roll in a criminal conspiracy to “make an example” out of those who try to skirt federal regulations. An IRS audit case in the nineties makes a passionate plea against federal dictatorship and makes shocking allegations of constitutional infringements.

It wasn’t the FBI, it was Napolitano who announced that Federal Judge John Roll was among those assassinated in today’s shooting. She just received an explosive package herself. In a very cursory statement she condemned the shooting as “senseless violence.”

It could make sense that Roll was the target of today’s shooting, because he received death threats. When he ruled that federal illegal immigrant lawsuits against ranch owners could proceed, “talk-radio shows cranked up the controversy and spurred audiences into making threats.” Is this the conservative violence that Napolitano warned us all about? But that was 11 months ago, so why the wait? Just 3 days ago he complained that Arizona’s recently adopted streamlined method of dealing with illegal immigration is overburdening the judicial system, causing a “judicial emergency.’ He sought “permission to delay bringing felons to trial” His crusade against state involvement in illegal immigration continued right until his murder. So maybe some extremist conservative saw this, decided it’s the final straw and wanted him gone? Not so fast! Consider that Napolitano was state governor until recently, when she left to become Obama’s Big Sister. She famously slammed Arizona’s new immigration law and falsely claimed Arizona’s border “is more secure than it has ever been.” Many conservatives complained that she turned on state and state’s rights and now is a proponent of federal rights. But a court case reveals she teamed up with John Roll before to diminish states rights.

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