WE HAVE WON!!! U.S. CORPORATION REQUESTS PEACE ACCORD! The Republic is Peacefully Restored!

Republic of Minnesota Website

HALLELUJAH!!!!  December 15 will go down in history as the day of the GREAT AMERICAN POWER SHIFT.   On that day, the Republic for the United States was acknowledged as the LAWFUL GOVERNMENT IN AMERICA by the U.S. Corporation.  They have requested a peace accord.

Liberation, joy, and relief are flowing throughout the land as the heavy yoke of economic slavery is shattered off of our people and we reclaim our future!

What healing, what refreshment for hearts and souls now manifests as governance in America is restored from the bottom up (the People rule), rather than from a disconnected, self-serving, ignorant, and corrupt “top” down. (Yes, there are a few good hearts in defacto, but they cannot succeed within its flawed and unlawful structure.)

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