Update: Fitzpatrick: Monroe County Sheriff’s Dept. Knew of Impending Assault


by Sharon Rondeau

Has the FBI become just another division of Eric Holder’s crooked Department of Justice? Having been notified of evidence of crimes in Monroe County on numerous occasions, what are they doing about it?

(Dec. 17, 2010) — Walter Fitzpatrick has reported this morning that the inmate who tried to punch him in the face yesterday has been formally charged with assault.

Updating yesterday’s report, Fitzpatrick stated Detective Travis Jones of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department met with him at approximately 3:42 p.m. on Thursday afternoon following the attack.  Fitzpatrick said he “made it clear” that he will be filing a complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation against the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department upon his release from the detention facility.

Fitzpatrick questioned why he has been moved five times since he entered the jail on October 27, 2010.  “After I was checked in here, I was put in Cell 10; then within a day I was moved to Cell #8 next, then moved into Cell #1 days later.  I spent a good period of time in Cell 1 before being moved from there into Cell #5, and then last Friday, on the tenth of December, I was moved back into Cell #8 for no reason at all.  That makes five moves in 52 days.  There’s something going on with that.  There are men who have been here and stayed in one cell for months at a time.  So this “musical cells” was planned.  There’s something going on.  I can tell you that upon reflecting upon it, Mr. Click’s provocation was dedicated.  He raised up, over and over again, his outrage or his anger or his problem with the fact that I was challenging the grand jury.  There’s more to this; it’s not a coincidence.”


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